Multipurpose Robotics for Manipulation of deformable materials in manufacturing processes

Main aim is to prototype low cost and agile, market oriented, multipurpose and easy to repurpose, autonomous, dexterous robots which will manipulate, assemble or process different soft and flexible products/materials in a production line environment. The final robot system will be validated over 6 different use cases.

ASINCAR will lead the validation for the handling of chicken pieces in the packaging line. ASINCAR will bring its technological expertise in the application of hyperspectral imaging for prediction of chicken shelf life, demonstrate the performance of the system in its Food 4.0 Pilot Plant, and spread the voice of the project around its ecosystem.

Programme of the project : H2020-NMBP-FOF-2019

Names of SS4AF Regular Members and/or Associated Organisations that are involved: ASINCAR

Link to the website of the project: