Nemyrivske Highway, 213
Anton Khodysko

Volia Agri-Food Park Vinnytsia

Ukraine / Ukraine (Prospective member)

Volia Agri-food Park Vinnytsia is a modern, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly agri-food park located in the heart of Ukrainian agricultural production—in the city of Vinnytsia, spanning an area of 35.7 hectares.

The park offers Ukrainian and international agri-food companies a comprehensive range of services: from designing and constructing industrial facilities to providing access to all necessary infrastructure and maintenance after commissioning.

Volia Agri-food Park Vinnytsia represents a unique fusion of industrial, logistical, and innovation hubs dedicated to the agri-food sector. It is designed to promote and facilitate the development and implementation of innovative solutions within the agri-food industry.

At the core of this innovative ecosystem lies the Volia Innovation Kitchen. Leveraging the park’s extensive facilities, including live laboratories, co-working spaces, classrooms, and showrooms within our FoodTech R&D center, Volia Innovation Kitchen serves as an integrator of cutting-edge knowledge, technology, and innovation.