Móricz Zsigmond u. 14
H-8000 Székesfehérvár

Innoskart Digital Cluster

Hungary / Central Transdanubia Region

In Hungary, Innoskart Digital is a nationwide cluster for digital service providers as well as industrial manufacturing businesses and research organizations, universities and municipalities. Organizations of Innoskart range from one-person companies to large companies. Innoskart helps to detect the needs of industrial actors and then urges cooperation with digital solution providers in order to boost digitalization of the industries.

Nowadays, the use of digital solutions in production has become a cornerstone of competitiveness. Our team provides solutions to those who think that the human power is no longer enough to follow the digital world and we do this for the benefit of our European businesses and consumers with a human centric approach by respecting the European values.

Innoskart has been Hungarian Accredited Innovation Cluster since 2011 and was awarded with the Silver Label for the 2nd time in 2020.