2bis rue Jean Rostand
22440 Ploufragan
Jean-Yves Thebaudin

ACT food Bretagne

France / Brittany

ACT food Bretagne is the alliance of technical centers in Brittany: ADRIA Développement, VEGENOV, IDMER, CEVA and ZOOPOLE Développement. This federation aims to bring together the tools and expertise of innovation and aims at regional economic development through innovation, for agricultural and food sectors.

  • 170 specialists contribute to business innovation
  • 5 technical platforms with advanced equipment: formulation and process, analyzes and sensory quality, biomaterials, biotechnology, quality and food safety
  • 3 experimental stations in the plant, animal and marine fields

The strength of a network is the development of products and processes for the health and nutrition of plants, animals and men. Expertise: plant, animal and aquaculture productions, agri-food innovations, biotechnologies and extraction, functional, sanitary and sensory characterization of products.

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