Cantón Grande, 9 – 3º Planta
15003 A Coruña
Laura Núñez-Naveira
+34 981 173 206

Galicia Institute of Technology

Spain / Galicia

ITG is a non-profit research and technology organisation recognized as a National Technology Centre by the Spanish Government. We aim to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, organizations and professionals through research and technological development. ITG works on the designing, development and implementation of complex ICT-based technology (software and hardware), aimed to support decision-making processes.

We have strong background in the development and application of sensor-based solutions, IoT, AI and Big Data technologies for the following fields: agriculture and food processing, water management, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, resource efficiency in manufacturing processes, smart mobility. ITG provides expertise about sensor integration, wireless sensor networks, telecommunication management, IoT platform architecture, machine learning and deep-learning, edge/fog computing.