Innoskart's mission is to launch dialogue between the service provider and the user companies via knowledge- and technology transfer.

During the 4th Innoskart Digital Day on the 16th of September 2021, Innoskart aimed to inspire both the industrial partners and the technology providers, researchers, service companies, about the possibilities of technologies and digital solutions that can be used by the agri-food industry.

In the morning, 8 international speakers presented 8 existing agri-food innovations, in an online format. Some of them were innovation projects supported by the Innosup-01 project S3FOOD.

The goal of Innoskart with these Hungarian and international speakers was to create awareness about the possibilities linked to industry 4.0 and catalyse the digital transformation of the agri-food system. Innoskart invited experts and companies from all over Europe, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information between different EU regions.

In the afternoon session, round table discussions were set-up with experts from the food industry. During the roundtable, opportunities and linkages were explored that can bridge the gap between the digital service and industrial manufacturing sectors, encouraging them to develop, innovate and create cross-sector partnerships.

Innoskart Digital Cluster, as Digital Innovation Hub, aims to show SMEs the success and legitimacy of digital opportunities and cooperation by organising as many online, off-line cross-border events as possible. Innoskart is confident that the presentation of these opportunities will give businesses the initial push to innovate.

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